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Missions in Haiti with Bro. David Lloyd



We sponsor this mission every month to help support a Christian School.  The school runs nearly 400 Haitian Children.  The Haitian school has earned the reputation of being one of the very best schools in Haiti and as a result people travel great distances to try to enroll their children.  Each classroom accommodates 25 students so classes fill quickly and many had to be turned away.


The school building project has been completed.  They now have 3 school buildings.  A group of hard working guys from Oklahoma, Missouri and Indiana came to Haiti the first week of April 2016 and erected the building.  Now everything is right across the road from the House of Compassion.


The House of Compassion accommodates 36 Haitian children and the boy’s home holds 24 boys.


Their large diesel generator which they depend on every day is nearing the end of its useful life and must be replaced and also the pickup truck they use every day needs to be replaced.  These two machines are an essential part of their daily operations. If you would like to contribute toward these needs, they would appreciate you help very much.


Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.  May God richly bless you and keep you. 


River of Life International with Bro. Darrell Turner



Bro. Darrell was able to have the 2nd annual Gypsy Youth Camp in July 2016 in Slovakia.  There was a glorious move of God among the Gypsies during this youth camp.  They came from villages and towns to experience five days of Pentecostal preaching and the presence of God!  Pastor James Snow from Iowa was the speaker this year and God used him to minister to these young people who have many issues in their lives. 

            Many come from hard backgrounds and poverty.  Only eternity will reveal how many truly came to Christ as they filled the front of the hall each night seeking God.  He plans to have the 3rd annual Gypsy Youth Camp again in 2017.  Please start praying now about supporting a Gypsy teenager for this year’s camp (2017).

Bro. Darrell also sponsors the House of Hope in Armenia.  This is a shelter for many poor elderly widows run by Sister Veronica.  So many have come to live and also die here in this place where Hope is more than a name.


Sis. Veronica also finds families who are the poorest of the poor who live in old abandoned buildings in Gyumri.  Cold, hungry and forsaken by the world, this ministry furnish these people with food, wood for the winter and for those who have children, clothes, boots and warm coats as well as something for Christmas.  Recently they were able to help eight families who had no toilets, running water and one lady with an invalid son had no electricity.  They have committed to help feed, clothe and care for the children long term.


Bro. Darrell is also working in Israel to help buy equipment to feed the poor Jewish Immigrants, minister to the Pastor’s and plant churches.  


Bro. Darrell is also planning an ‘Encounter with God’ meetings with Pastors across the Nation of Spain in 2017. 


Please continue to pray and help sponsor Bro. Darrell in his ministries.  God Bless You!

Vessel of Honour Ministries with Bro. Stephen McKay

Looking over the year 2016, Bro. Stephen reports the year has been both humbling and rewarding!  His team has had the opportunity to reach many new nations, from Ghana to Rwanda, Malawi to the Congo, God is truly moving before them preparing their steps as they search for lost souls.  Many have come to the Kingdom of God in their crusades.


The untold number of people who sit in darkness waiting for truth to come to them.  What a responsibility that rests upon our shoulders! But what a joy, what rejoicing when one sinner comes home!


Bro. Stephen also sponsors an orphanage in Myanmar.  They have built giant bunkbeds that sleep 26 boys comfortably.  They have also completed the girl’s bunkbeds with stairs, a closet wall and temporary cubbies for the boy’s dorm and bought permanent lockers for the girl’s dorm, as they will do for the boys the next time they return.  


The emotional and psychological needs of these children far exceed the financial needs that they have, and all he wants is to be His hand extended, and a father to the fatherless.   Bro. Stephen is currently undergoing an effort to connect each child to a family here that would support them both financially and emotionally.  On the financial side, if you would like to sponsor one of these children, their needs amount to a total of $9.00 per month, or $108.00 per year.  On the emotional side, they would love to receive letters and packages with things from people who really care.  If you are interested in this, please call or email Bro. Stephen at 423-302-9332 or 423-302-9336; Email – vohmintl@hotmail.com.


 Bro. Stephen would not be able to do all this without our support and prayers.  Any support you can give would greatly help this ministry.  May God Richly Bless You. 


In Christ,

The McKay Family

Missions in Israel



We help support Pastor Marwan Beem to do the work the Lord has called him to lead in his native land of Israel. We support Pastor Beem through Abiding Life Church with Pastor Curtis McGehee.  Pastor McGehee speaks with Brother Marwan on a regular basis by telephone and he is continuing the work of the ministry unabated. He believes the warring conditions in Israel will only increase the opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Here is a report from Abiding Life Church for January 2017:


The Lord has brought us into fellowship with some of the most dedicated men and women of God.  To these men and women Israel if their home; they are able to reach into the everyday life of their neighbors and show the reality of knowing Christ.  This past Christmas (2016) Pastor Beem and his family received an invitation from the Druze (not Jews), the Druze are a separate ethnic group in Israel and they are a very closed community and do not let many outsiders in.  Pastor Marwan and his family had the opportunity to speak to a classroom full of school children and to tell them about Jesus’ birth and present the gospel to them.  Over 100 children responded for salvation and also some of the teachers and workers at the school came to Christ.  You made a difference in Israel in 2016 through your prayers and your giving; you also brought hope and comfort to the people of Israel in life changing ways.


Pastor McGehee is making plans with Pastor Marwan Beem to expand the ministry in Israel this year in 2017.  He is also planning a Ministers Conference there this year, more details to come.   




Bro. Fred Wynn


We have started sponsoring Bro. Fred Wynn in his World Missions to Asia.  Since the year 2013, World Missions to Asia has had a burden to go into the heart of Asia and the 10/40 window.  WMA and those that are partnering with them have affected 10 of the 68 countries and regions in the last 5 years.  WMA has either done work in these countries or have trained and supported ministry in these countries:  Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Bhutan, and Israel.  In 2017 WMA plans to increase their efforts in Asia and focus harder on this 10/40 region window. 


In 2017 WMA will greatly increase their efforts into the “Knowing Jesus” Discipleship Training Conferences.  Finding and annually scheduling strategic locations to train and disciple Christians throughout Asia, by using the Project Preach program.  Making the knowing Jesus conference and annual event at the strategic locations they can monitor the training and discipling of believers in Christ.


In 2016 WMA completed their first “Knowing Jesus” conference in Nepal.  For three days they taught and preached on a broad spectrum of topics including humility in leadership, grace, faith, evangelism, the indispensability of prayer, and the Holy Spirit.  Each day began and ended in a time of prayer and seeking God.  They saw the local ministers and leaders receive the Word of God with joy.  They conducted additional services in local churches where they heard testimonies of God’s power and faithfulness. 


In Nepal they witnessed the blossoming revival taking place among poverty and persecution.  In spite of the highest per capita population of Hindus of any country in the world and a new non-conversion law that allows officials to deal out three-year sentences to anyone trying to convert a Nepali to Christianity, they witnessed something impossibly wonderful: Nepal is blossoming with revival.


In Dubai they went to the parched and thirsty ground of the UAE labor camps.  Here, thousands of men live in confined and cramped conditions and work long, grueling hours.  They found thirsty hearts embracing the Word of God as it was ministered.  Though they look for fruit before declaring anyone to be born again, many Hindus and other non-Christians ask for prayer to accept Christ.  We praise God for this and pray that He continues His mighty work in the UAE.


Fred Wynn, WMA Executive Director:

                       As the Executive Director of WMA, I appreciate “TEAMWORK”.  When Disciples of Christ come together from the United States of America, Nepal, India, Africa, Pakistan, and the UAE to work together, the will of the Father is accomplished.  1 Corinthians 3:9 says, “For we are labourers together with God:  ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.”





Dean & Maria Helzer - Mexico, Tijuana, Ensenada, Mazatlan, and Chiapas.


Wayne Romig - Mexico (In the North East Part)


Angel and Carmen Lopez - Rancho Buena Vista, Baja California, Mexico.


Gregorio & Yolanda Solar - Chiapas Mexico


Carlos and Marilu Marenalarena - Amistad Familiar, Mazatlan Mexico.




Pastor Ramiro Batz - Guatemala



Bishop Reuben Kyule - Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda, India


Bethel Orphan Support Center - Gairo Tanzania



Fred Wynn - WMA (World Missions to Asia)



David Jacobson - Southeast Asia (specifically Thailand and the Karen in America and Canada.



John Castrillo



Daren Downs - Armenia;  Bread of Life - Armenia; The House of Hope - Armenia; Republic of Georgia



Jay Prassad - Fiji and the Islands of the South Pacific



Brian Larson - Missionary

Paul & Bethany Perez - Missionary

Stephen & Jessica McKay - Missionary

Noah & Hannah Middleton - Missionary

New Convictions Outreach - Pete Spackman




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